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Movement Made Easy!

Adding Movement to Your Day

Your can make large improvements to your life, health, and energy levels by moving more each day. Many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of changing their lives and starting a new routine, but with a few tips anyone can be successful:

  • Emphasize fun. Shape your activity around something you love whether it be birds, music, friends, or books. Walk to a spot where you can listen to birds; explore a library from top to bottom; take the stairs when you visit friends; take a dance class that uses music you love.

  • Attach activity to habits. Think of something you do regularly and find an opportunity to move. Try doing a one-minute squat when you brush your teeth; practice dance steps while cooking dinner; do sit-ups while watching TV; or take a walk after dinner.

  • Involve others. Get active with friends and family. Join a coworker for a walk at lunchtime. Try a new workout class with a friend. Instead of sitting at the coffee shop to catch up, take a walk around the block.

  • Take small steps. Set goals and aim for small improvements in your routines. You could walk an extra two miles a week – or three more flights of stairs. Every little bit counts!

  • Add audio. Listening to something can make exercise more fun and rewarding. Challenge yourself to walk for one more song, or check out a new podcast.

  • Be creative. Think outside the box to add movement into your day. Walk through extra aisles at the grocery store; park at the back of the parking lot; stand while watching TV; or walk while talking on the phone instead of sitting down.

  • Be forgiving. Everyone has a bad day! Don’t be hard on yourself, or overdue it the next day. Just strive to be better the next day! It’s about progress, not perfection.

  • Track your progress. Consider using a pedometer app on your phone to track your steps. 10,000 steps a day is a good goal, but any steps are better than none.

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