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Eating Locally

To improve your health, consider eating foods that are local and seasonal. Eating locally means eating foods that are grown in your area, or maybe even in your own backyard.

Eating seasonally means eating foods that are grown at the same time of the year that you eat them. The less time the food spends in transport, the fresher it will be, and the more vitamins and nutrients the food retains. As an added benefit, eating locally and seasonally is also more sustainable for the environment.

Eating seasonally is easier when you know which foods grow in your geographic region at every time of year.

Fall Foods in the Midwest

· Apple

· Beans

· Beet

· Broccoli

· Brussels sprouts

· Cabbage

· Carrot

· Cauliflower

· Celery

· Chard

· Cucumber

· Eggplant

· Fennel

· Garlic

· Kale

· Leek

· Lettuce

· Mushrooms

· Onion

· Parsnip

· Pear

· Persimmon

· Pumpkin

· Radish

· Salad greens

· Spinach

· Tomato

· Turnip

· Winter Squash

· Zucchini

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